No More Borders

07.09 – 09.09.18


Forget print. Forget digital. Forget what you learned about disciplines. This year’s Indiecon is about independent magazines that cross borders. It’s about publications that oscillate between the printed page, digital worlds, and physical spaces. We’ll learn from the best in the realms of journalism, design, arts and business – and look especially close where these categories diffuse. Join us for a three-day festival and fair in Hamburg, Germany. Join Indiecon 2018.


Indiecon brings together magazine publishers from all over the world. Founded in 2014, it has become a hotspot for innovative publishing ideas and collaboration in the creative fields. This year, all parts of Indiecon will take place in the creative quarter Oberhafen, our homebase in Hamburg. The festival consists of:

1) A two-day symposium called Indiecon Conference, which features presentations and discussions, a selection of workshops and many opportunities to get in touch with other publishers. Check out the different ticket options below and find your perfect match.

2) The Indiemagdays, a magazine fair open to the public. It’s two days this year and will feature its own program of roundtables and magazine showcases. Apply here if you want to present and sell your magazine and/or talk about it on stage.

3) The five day rapid publishing workshop Indiecon Summer School for students and young professionals. The workshop magazine 41–43 will get an augmented twin this year – check out the trailer below and get in touch if you’re interested in taking part.

You can find detailed information on all events in the sections below and in the FAQs. If there’s anything else: Please let us know!


Welcome back everyone!

Welcome back everyone! cover

This year is going to be extraordinary! Meg Miller (Eye on Design) will finally tell us how print, digital and the real life work well together. We’ll start building a new internet with Laurel Schwulst (Beautiful Company) and dance into a brighter future with Jana Al Obeidyine (a Dance Mag). Mike Koedinger (Paperjam) and Sissel Hansen (Startup Guide) will help us conquer the world. And hopefully Oliver Gehrs (Dummy) will not make everyone cry again (kidding, of course!).

Conference tickets are on sale. Indiemagday applications are open. Check out the extended Indiecon and Indiemagday schedule and stay tuned for workshops and roundtables, which will be announced in Mid-July. If you want to stay in touch, we suggest you subscribe to our newsletter.

Looking forward to seeing you at our homebase at Oberhafen in Hamburg! Your Indiecon Team:

Malte + Malte + Martin + Urs + Annika + Kim + Jonas + Patrick + Philipp + Nelli + + +

New speakers confirmed

New speakers confirmed cover

Say Hi to Ernst van der Hoeven (MacGuffin, NLD), Monika Szewczyk (South as a Atate of Mind, GRC/POL), Davide Cazzaro (Nang Magazine, KOR/ITA), Iris Lee (ArtQPie, TWN), Goys and Birls (NXS, NLD). More to come soon! Check out all speakers here.


There’s a couple of new ticket options this year so everyone gets what he/she wants. Please check out what works best for you. The order process runs through our Die Brueder Publishing online shop (that’s us btw.). If something does not work or you have any trouble ordering, please drop us a line and we’ll come running to help.

Conference Tickets

Alright, here we go: These are the tickets for Indiecon Conference, which is the main gig. They give you access to presentations and sessions on Friday and Saturday as well as the evening events and the Indiemagdays. Holders of a two day pass will also have early access to workshops and roundtables.

Fr. + Sa. 07. – 08.09.

Business Ticket: 350 € Please choose this ticket if you’re part of a company or a larger organization (10+ employees). You’ll help make the event available for others with less money.

Regular Ticket: 100 € This is the basic ticket. Nothing special about it.

Reduced Ticket: 50 € Please buy this ticket only if you’re a student, trainee, if you’re between jobs or not able to afford the regular ticket for some other reason.

Group Discount: We love to meet the teams behind magazines. That’s why there’s a discount available for groups of five plus people this year. It works like this: Just put two regular tickets into your cart and then add at least three reduced tickets. If you are more, just add more reduced tickets. If you have any questions, get in touch.

Workshop Tickets

Ok, this is new: There will be a selection of expert workshops in addition to the regular conference program. You can book a workshop even if you’re not attending the conference. But if you’re already holding a two-day conference ticket, you’ll be able to pick first and only pay a fraction of the price. Please specify which workshop you want to attend when you order the ticket. You can find the full list down here.

Workshop Ticket Business: 150 €

Workshop Ticket Regular: 45 €

Workshop Ticket Reduced: 25 €

Workshop Ticket Two-Day Conference Pass: 15 €


Florian Mecklenburg & Karolien Buurmann

Florian Mecklenburg & Karolien Buurmann cover

We came across NXS through our dear friend Steve from Stack who sent out the magazine through his subscription service - and later claimed that it was one of his more brave decisions. NXS takes the form of a cross-platform structure, inhabiting both physical and online spaces with exhibitions, performances and the biannual magazine as its core. Two of the people behind the project are Florian and Karolien. He's a German designer, cultural and video artist based in Amsterdam. His individual work focuses on deconstruction of stereotypes in masculinity and identity mutation in relation to technology. Karolien is a Dutch curator, artist and cultural entrepreneur with a background in social psychology. They will talk about running a collaborative artwork exploring the "self" in the age of digital technology.

Jana Al Obeidyine

Jana Al Obeidyine cover

Jana is a dancer and dance researcher. She also worked in cultural management before starting her first publication a Dance Mag, in collaboration with The Outpost magazine in Beirut. We heard about her through our friend Ibrahim, who's been our inside connection in the Middle East for some years now. So eager to meet you in Hamburg!

Joachim Baldauf

Joachim Baldauf cover

Joachim Baldauf is one of Germany’s most acclaimed fashion photographers. Since the 1990’s he’s been working for almost every imaginable relevant outlet, including an intense collaboration with iconic “Wallpaper” magazine in the early 2000’s. In many of his images, for example the recurring encounters with Eva Padberg or Claudia Schiffer, he seems to find intimate moments with the people on the other side of the camera, which makes them look natural and somehow more human even in extremely orchestrated settings. Together with designer Agnes Feckl he publishes “Vorn” magazine since 2004.

Davide Cazzaro

Davide Cazzaro cover

Davide Cazzaro is the publisher and editor-in-chief of NANG Magazine, an English-language magazine that covers cinema and cinema cultures in the Asian world with passion and insight. His background is in film criticism and research and for a number of years he has been specializing in Asian cinema as well as in independent publishing. Past collaborations include work with the Busan International Film Festival as researcher and publishing editor and the Pesaro International Film Festival as curator and program consultant.

Oliver Gehrs

Oliver Gehrs cover

Oliver runs one of the most resilient independent magazines in Germany called DUMMY, which exists since 2003. He’s a journalist by trade and worked as a business editor at the Spiegel as well as head of the Berlin pages of the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper before he started his own magazine endeavour. Apart from DUMMY magazine, his publishing company produces the youth magazine fluter on behalf of the German Federal Agency for Civic Education and also works for selected clients. Oliver is currently creating radio plays and theater as well as a novel based on DUMMY stories. He’ll also share the ideas for two new magazine projects: A weekly with publisher Jakob Augstein (Week) as well as a new idea of his own called Bombe (bomb).

Sissel Hansen

Sissel Hansen cover

Sissel popped up in our magazine universe a couple of times and we have to admit to our disgrace that we somehow dismissed Startup Guide as “not really a magazine”. Well, this year is all about discarding those blinders, and by the way: Sissel just published issue #4 of her quite periodical guide in Berlin. Anyway, we’re eager to learn how she managed to grow her publication from Denmark to basically all over Europe in just a couple of years. The Startup Guide is now in 20 cities, with 10 more in the works. In 2015, Sissel was nominated as a Female Entrepreneur of the Year and named one of the 100 most aspiring talents and young leaders in Denmark. In 2017 The Nordic Web identified her as one of the most influential and impactful individuals in the Nordic technology scene. Glad to have you in Hamburg!

Christoph Knoth

Christoph Knoth cover

Christoph Knoth is a professor for Digitale Grafik at the HFBK Hamburg. He shares his chair with Konrad Renner as the virtual studio Knoth & Renner. In 2012, he was a design researcher at the Jan van Eyck Akademie in Maastricht with his project Computed Type, an exploration of the historical and future constrains and possibilities of parametric type.
With his studio he works on visual strategies, identities and websites, e.g. for Werkleitz Halle, Schauspiel Stuttgart, Kunsthalle Zurich, the New Zealand and the German pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2015, the artist group !Mediengruppe Bitnik, the artist Simon Denny, Spector Books and the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Kunstvereine. Christoph lives in Berlin.

Mike Koedinger

Mike Koedinger cover

Mike Koedinger is a Media Entrepreneur with +25 years of experience in creating leading media brands, exciting experiences for readers and ROI for advertisers. He’s the founder, chairman, and ex-CEO of Maison Moderne [MM], Luxembourg's leading independent media company. MM’s flagship media brand Paperjam has a powerful and unique ecosystem in Europe and is currently considering its internationalisation based on regional business news for regional business communities. This fall, Koedinger will launch Lemonland Media Lab - a new platform to explore and celebrate what the world of publishing media does best.

Iris Lee

Iris Lee cover

Located in West Taichung, ArtQpie Book Site is a nomadic library that has roved around the city, in search of idiosyncratic and imaginative uses for potential derelict buildings. The moving library aims to ignite community dialogue on local issues and culture. After being resettled three times, Iris Lee and her team around founders Argie Chang and AJ Nasaka have integrated the art gallery operations into a library’s structure. With the magazine “Let’s Zine” and the book “Real Life”, independently published in the end of 2012, Artqpie Library began a conversation with public from the comfort of one’s own home. The collective also recreated reading spaces that have been long-lost in Taichung. For example, the “Book Site Occupy Contemporary Space” established in 2013 and the ArtQqie Library based in the West District of Taichung City established in 2014 serve as community spaces for promoting paper and reading habits.

Meg Miller

Meg Miller cover

Meg is a senior editor at AIGA’s Eye on Design, an online magazine and as of late a new print publication. Previously, she worked at Fast Company and Simon & Schuster. Her writing appeard in Quartz and Riposte, among others, for The Atlantic she described how books beat films in the development of female characters. It’s also forthcoming in The Serving Library and a book on Herb Lubalin and Avant Garde magazine. Apart form that, she runs an online publication for, an online platform for collaborative research, where she e.g. collects good descriptions, out of context.

Sebastian Pranz

Sebastian Pranz cover

Sebastian’s interest lies in the transformation of societies through media and journalism. He’s currently teaching as a deputy professor at Hochschule Darmstadt. After finishing his PhD in sociology he started working as a publisher and co-founded Buero Zoo, a studio focusing on sustainable corporate publishing, which he runs together with Klaus Neuburg. For even longer they’ve been publishing Froh! – a mag­azine featuring stories for a good society. Every issue focuses on a broad topic like light, luxury or transit. Together with photographer Fabian Weiss the team also travels around to pass on their notion of independence to students and young magazine makers e.g. in Georgia, Moldova and Hamburg.

Laurel Schwulst

Laurel Schwulst cover

Up to now, we just met Laurel online, which is a shame but also somehow programmatic: You’ll find most of her work in the digital sphere (except a book on perfume she wrote with Sydney Shen). Laurel currently teaches interactive design at Yale University and maintains Beautiful Company, a design practice. Previously, she was creative director of The Creative Independent and worked at the New York-based design studio Linked by Air. Most recently, she’s been exploring blogging on the peer to peer web, a new place in the internet that has some stunning resemblances to indie publishing. She’s also reconsidering what a website can be, and so do we.

Monika Szewczyk

Monika Szewczyk cover

“I think that if things make sense too quickly, then we don’t actually process them, or use them to understand the complexity of the world,” says Monika Szewczyk from the Athens based magazine South as a State of Mind (Source). Throughout her curatorial career, Monika has (co)edited more than 20 publications in more than five countries. In 2014, she moved to Athens to work as a curator for documenta 14 and currently lives between the Greek capital and Berlin. Here, she guest-edited the magazine's 10th issue (Maintenance) – with a desire to face the future amidst bleak prognoses brought on by economic crisis and crypto colonisation. The contributors call out the abuse of life by the powers that be – in North and South America, in Northwestern and Southwestern Europe. They reconfigure our very sense of being together, drawing on cosmogonies indigenous to Africa, Mesoamerica, South Asia, the Amazon basin and beyond (as a state of mind, South has never been geographically or otherwise limited).

Ernst van der Hoeven

Ernst van der Hoeven cover

Named after Alfred Hitchcock’s famous plot devices, Dutch magazine MacGuffin is dedicated to everyday objects that have the power to set a story in motion. Ernst van der Hoeven is the man behind the arts and crafts magazine on the Life of Things. Originally, Ernst is an art historian and landscape architect. Next of being an avid collector of things, he teaches at various Design schools, designs landscapes, curates exhibitions and makes works of art. In 2008, he co-founded Club Donny a strictly unedited journal on the personal experience of nature in the urban environment. Together with Kirsten Algera, also an art historian, he started the award-winning MacGuffin back in 2014.

Yizhi Zhang

Yizhi Zhang cover

Yi dragged us to abC artbook fair in ­Beijing this year and we couldn’t be more grateful. Besides introducing strangers to hot pot and the overwhelming magazine culture in Asia, she’s working as a graphics designer and founded doooogs, an online art book distribution and self-publishing platform based in Berlin and Beijing. Since 2016, doooogs has focused on cultural exchange between China and Germany by organizing art book fairs and other events in both countries (such as CooksBooks) as well as writing reviews and interviews for art publications.


FR. 07.09.

Doors Open

SIDEPROGRAM / Waterkant, 1:00 pm

Come in, come in! We celebrate your arrival with coffee and “Franzbrötchen” pastries.

Introduction: The Boundless Perspectives on Things

Keynote — Waterkant, 2:00 pm

MacGuffin is thick, MacGuffin is dense, it’s a publication so filled with information and insights you can spend days studying every issue. Ernst van der Hoeven and Kirsten Algera founded the research-based design publication, which always looks beyond the new and into the history and meaning of ob­jects. At Indiecon, Ernst will give us a sneak peak into the editorial process and into how its curatorial approach relates to his other media and exhibition projects.

Make a Move: Publishing Without Borders

Talk — Waterkant, 3:00 pm

Jana lives in Beirut but her medium has the potential to connect the world: Dance. That’s one of the reasons we got excited when we first heard about her project. There’s a couple more: The involvement of our friend and magazine superman Ibrahim Nehme (The Outpost / Radio Mansion). The fact the connection to the design team of Riesling Type was actually formed at Indiecon. And of course the big question: How do you make a project work with an editor-in-chief in Beirut, a creative director in Nairobi, two designers in Hamburg and a team of writers and editors that’s scattered all over the world? A truly border-breaking endeavour and one of the titles you have to look out for this year.

Forget the Container: Multichannel Publishing

Talk — Waterkant, 4:00 pm

In theory it’s simple: In today’s publishing world, everything’s connected. Daily online pieces keep tabs on current developments and inform the themes and topics of magazine issues. The meaningful conversations that are started in content creation play out in in-person discussions at live events and feed back into the coverage online. So far so good. But how the f#%k do you actually do it? Ask NY-based editor Meet Meg Miller, who actually does it at Eye on Design - a platform run by the US nonprofit AIGA.

Create New Spaces: Taiwan’s Mag Libraries

Talk — Waterkant, 5:00 pm

Iris Li lives in Taichung, the third-largest city of Taiwan. Together with Argi Chang, she runs ArtQpie, an independent library, bookshop and publishing house. Her magazine „Let’s zine“ is inspired by interesting things in daily life, such as photography, illustration, architecture and design as well as by trips abroad.

Evening Event: Hafenlesung EXTRA

Reading — 7:00 pm

Hafenlesung is a multi-lingual reading series and one of Hamburg's much beloved cultural events.
After three years and 15 installments with over one hundred readers in some twenty languages, first at GOLEM, one of Hamburg's top venues, Hafenlesung even moved one step ahead this year by hosting its notorious feast of languages, literature and vegan delicatessen at Nachtasyl, the gorgeous bar of famous Thalia Theatre. Now, during Indiecon, it's time for another extra stand of Hafenlesung: 90 minutes, seven readers, eight languages and of course a vast array of delicatessen will await you at a special location back at Oberhafe. Poetry and prose, read by its authors brought together by Hafenlesung EXTRA, will include writers: Lubi Barre, Tomás Cohen, Anna Glazova, Jonis Hartmann, Hugh James, Nefeli Kavouras and Ufuk Oçak. Original languages, including German and/ or English translations, are Farsi, Greek, Maori, Russian, Somali, Spanish and Turkish. Come and explore language and literature with us!

  • Lubi Barre/Anna Glazova/Hugh James/Ufuk Oçak/Jonis Hartmann/Thomás Cohen/Nefeli Kavouras

Evening Event: Interview & Screening Vorn

9:00 pm

Joachim Baldauf's idea of a “visual magazine” with a focus on pictures is now well established. As one of the first publications in this genre, Vorn debuted in 2004 as a hybrid between a magazine and a book. Vorn took this playful approach to visuality with the last issue to the extreme. The eighth edition is completely free of text. For the ninth edition more than 40 creatives contributed short silent movies. These one minute clips were edited by Denis Bivour. The result is an experimental feature movie accompanied by a soundtrack, composed by Vlatko Kucan.

SA. 08.09.


Workshop — 9:00 am

Workshops all over the place: please have a look at the Workshop Schedule and make your pick.

Introduction: A restoration of reasonable limits

Keynote — Waterkant, 1:30 pm

In this age of logorrhoea, all comers having their say about every subject under the sun is part of the deal. Nevertheless, the democratisation of decision-making processes doesn't seem to produce better results: instead, destructive movements that undermine expert knowledge and binding rules are on the rise. Oliver Gehrs demonstrates that disruptive regimes like that of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) can take hold in journalism as well as politics, and attempts to outline ways to counteract them.

Think Further: How to Grow Internationally

Debate — Waterkant, 2:30 pm

It’s always a pleasure to see independent publishing projects thrive. So let’s talk about how to make a magazine grow. We invited two publishers with a business background to talk this through: Designer-turned-chairman Mike Koedinger of Luxembourg based publishing company Maison Moderne and Sissel Hansen, the publisher and CEO behind the Startup Guide series. They will discuss their strategies in raising money, their plans for internationalization and how they integrate their editorial ambition and the business side of things.

41-43 The Fastest Magazine Goes Digital

Presentation — 4:00 pm

The Indiecon Summer School is a five-day intensive course in independent publishing that will be held for the fourth time in the week before the Indiecon. It brings together emerging talent from the domains of design, photography, illustration, journalism, programming and the arts. In a rapid publishing project, the participants will produce a magazine in print and augmented reality called 41–43. The experienced makers of Froh! Magazine as well as a Hamburg-based expert team will lead participants through all stages of the production process. The result will be displayed for the first time during this session and also presented at the Indiemagdays on Saturday and Sunday.

Growing a New Internet

Debate — Waterkant, 4:30 pm

Do individuals need websites? And does the web need individuals? The answer is always reciprocally "yes". There’s a growing network of artists and designers working on a more accessible, human-centered idea of the internet—with similarities to independent self-publishing and zine culture. Laurel Schwulst grows and tours websites outside the usual platforms. The Amsterdam based avantgarde-art collective Goys and Birls takes the form of a cross-platform structure with exhibitions, performances, lectures and a biannual publication as its core. This debate explores the potential for creative self-expression within this new, "peer-to-peer" and beyond. In today's downpour of information online, there should also be moments of dryness online—places for quiet contemplation and reflection.

South as a State of Mind: Still Open for Maintenance

Keynote — 6:00 pm

"South as a State of mind" started as a reaction to the crisis of imagination during the financial crisis in Greece and the geographic and ideological reorganization of Europe from East/West to South/North. To imagine and reimagine South precisely as a state of mind has been crucial, says Monika. While Athens remains a real base, it is not a boundary. From its inception, the magazine allied itself to multiple Souths, eventually to documenta 14 which took up "Learning from Athens" as a working title, and more recently to the 10th Berlin Biennial. Monika will also get into challenges to the magazine’s open form that come from the most surprising (seemingly well-meaning) corners. Needless to say, she and founder Marina Fokidis fight these attempts of drawing rigid boundaries as they struggle to maintain a truly open state of mind.

Evening Event: Bringing Asian Cinema to the Printed Page

Interview/Screening — Waterkant, 7:00 pm

Davide Cazzaro dove into his short film archive and selected five picks for Indiecon. He’ll explain the origin and context of the films and tell us a little bit more about his magazine project Nang, which focusses ­completely on Asian cinema.

Evening Event: Concert Ghostbag + Tine Fetz

Concert — 9:00 pm

Ghost Bag & Tine Fetz is the outcome of a long distance correspondence between Netherlands based musician Nick Jongen and Berlin based illustrator / comic artist Tine Fetz. What started as the loose concept of “Tine draws, then Nick records” turned into an artistic and personal dialogue that neither of us had seen coming, Tine says. It took two intense months to shape this project, sharing secrets and getting closer along the way. Drawing and recording every free minute we had, ‘Ghost Bag & Tine Fetz’ became the narrative of our fever dream. Nick is also in bands Sleep Kit, Baby Galaxy, and I Am Oak. Tine published a book called This Is Not Uganda (Jaja Verlag) and has a weekly cartoon in German newspaper Jungle World. They will play the songs from the record and show the illustrations from the zine live as a two-piece.


Ok, this is new: There will be a selection of expert workshops in addition to the regular conference program. You can book a workshop even if you’re not attending the conference. But if you’re already holding a two-day conference ticket, you’ll be able to pick first and only pay a fraction of the price. Please specify which workshop you want to attend when you order the ticket. You can find the full list down here

Indiemag Beginners Guide with Conor Purcell

Workshop — Bird's Nest, 10:00 am

This is a hands-on guide to creating an independent magazine. From figuring out a concept, to building an audience, from the best social media tactics, to navigating distribution and getting subscribers, this workshop will be a practical guide to creating your own magazine from scratch. The idea is to go through the steps needed to go publish a magazine, to talk about how much that costs and to go through examples of good (and bad) magazines and why they work. Conor Purcell is an experienced editor and publisher who has published indie titles such as We Are Here and We Are Dublin, as well as launched magazines for Emirates, Jashanmal Books, Al Ghurair Centre, Khaleej Times and Ink. His magazines have won a number of awards and he is a magazine obsessive. His third book, The Magazine Blueprint, was published earlier this year. 

  • Conor Purcell

Magical Riso with Wobby

Workshop — Bird's Nest, 10:00 am

Experiment with various analogue processes and techniques to create individual artworks. Starting from the theme ‘Border-Line’ this workshop – hosted by the talented team of Wobby – will provide a setup for drawings, designs or collages that will be printed in two colours using the Risograph technique. The participants will learn about Risoprinting and colour separation in order to produce two coloured prints. For inspiration there will be several Risograph printed books and prints to look at. Everyone will leave with a stack of self designed colourful prints.

  • Marjolein Schalk

3D-Drawing with Tobias Wüstefeld

Workshop — Waterkant, 11:00 am

On with the glasses, off we go: virtual reality is poised to become a mass medium. New Tools are revolutionising the way artists work in 3D. And no tool can be neutral. With VR, new ways of working, new ways of seeing and new styles will emerge. A new way of experimental approach comes into 3D. What you will learn? Sketching in Tilt Brush and how to prepare the Data for further 3D work. Artist Tobias Wüstefeld will give a theoretical background and showcase some free experimental work in Tilt Brush. REQUIRED SKILLS IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE: 3Dsmax / Cinema 4D Basic skills. Drawing/Sculpting Skills would be good.

  • Tobias Wüstefeld

Gateway to the Peer2Peer with Laurel Schwulst

Workshop — Bird's Nest, 11:00 am

Publishing on the web should be easy and accessible, direct from your computer. Ideally, we shouldn't have to use far away servers or third parties. So, what might a web served from individual computers look like? How does it feel to host files from the laptop in your living room, anyway? In this hands-on workshop, you’ll create your own website on the peer to peer web by creating a copy of Laurel's own. This workshop is open to anyone, regardless of technical background.

Bookkeeping Basics with Ralf Alkenbrecher

Workshop — Bird's Nest, 11:00 am

You better do your magazines maths! This workshop is about tools, formulas and tricks that help you plan and calculate your publication in the medium term. After a basic lecture it goes into the tables - finally push a few numbers! If you like, you can take home your Excel (adapted for your own product). Ralf Alkenbrecher has been working in the publishing industry for over 30 years. After working in sales, he worked as a commercial director in several book publishers for 15 years. In addition to his job as Managing Director of Germanys leading satire magazine Titanic he is a consultant with a focus on IT and software in Berlin.

  • Ralf Alkenbrecher

Magical Riso with Wobby

Workshop — Bird's Nest, 10:00 am

Experiment with various analogue processes and techniques to create individual artworks. Starting from the theme ‘Border-Line’ this workshop – hosted by the talented team of Wobby – will provide a setup for drawings, designs or collages that will be printed in two colours using the Risograph technique. The participants will learn about Risoprinting and colour separation in order to produce two coloured prints. For inspiration there will be several Risograph printed books and prints to look at. Everyone will leave with a stack of self designed colourful prints.

  • Marjolein Schalk

Summer School

Indiecon Summer School is a five day intensive course in independent publishing. It brings together emerging talent from the domains of design, photography, illustration, journalism, tech and arts. In a rapid publishing project, the participants produce a printed magazine as well as an augmented reality application. This year the method is also the topic: No more borders.

You can apply now for the program. The Deadline is Monday, July 30.

Workshop team

Dr. Sebastian Pranz and Klaus Neuburg are the founders of the editorial and design office Buero Zoo and the independent magazine Froh!. Together with documentary and editorial photographer Fabian Weiss, they bring along tremendous experience in editing and design, with a special focus on analysis and processing of complex topics. They conducted several rapid publishing workshops, e.g. in Moldova and Georgia and also produced the first three issues of 41–43 at Indiecon.

Motion designer Sören Koswig, speculative technologist Annette Schmid and communication designer Sarah Schögler are working with creative programmer Iwer Petersen on a mobile think tank that explores alternative ways of publishing in virtual and spatial dimensions. At this year’s Indiecon, they offer a new workshop format to speculate about how the former freight train area Oberhafen could become a prototype edition of an augmented reality magazine.


08.09. – 09.09.18


Join the fourth Indiemagdays, a two-day magazine fair in Hamburg’s Oberhafen. Find numerours independent magazines and meet their smart and fearless micro publishers. This year, we transform a warehouse to host a fair, roundtables and an open stage. There will be a huge collection of national and international indiemags available – brought to you by the creators themselves and some of the best stores in Germany. You will also find other printed goods like books, posters, comics or postcards, a crafts table for kids and other entertainment. And you’ll likely meet many of the attendees of Indiecon as well. Come by and flip the pages with us, have a snack or a drink and enjoy a magazine-e day off.

Opening Hours

Sat, 08.09.18: 10 AM - 6 PM
Sun, 09.09.18: 10 AM - 6 PM


Oberhafen, Hamburg
Stockmeyerstr. 43
20457 Hamburg


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    One more thing: We thought hard about this, but food and drinks are no longer included in the conference ticket. There will still be some kind of joint feast on Friday and great food will be available all the time at low cost. To be honest, it was just more important to us to offer a cheaper version of the ticket for people with less money. We hope you understand. You can of course bring your own food if you don’t want to buy it.

  • I can’t pay that much. What can I do?

    First, please check if you’re eligible for a reduced ticket. That’s only half the price and will be available to students, people between jobs or others with low incomce. We promise you that Indiecon is worth it. So please pay for a ticket if you possibly can. However, because we wouldn’t want to exclude anyone with a genuine burning interest in the subject, we are giving away a certain number of tickets to volunteers this year, free of charge. You can apply for these by sending us an email to And if it doesn’t work out, we’ll hopefully see each other at the open and public Indiemagdays in the Oberhafen.

  • I’ve paid – where’s my ticket?

    We will send all tickets out in a batch at the beginning of August.

  • Is it possible to return the ticket?

    No, I’m afraid it isn’t – sorry. We need to be able to rely on our budgeting at least to that extent. But you can always transfer the tickets to someone else. Please give us a quick call if you plan to do that.

  • What will be done with my money?

    The revenue from the sale of tickets as well as the money from our supporters will cover the costs of the event: travel and accommodation for speakers and helpers, fringe programme, advertising, fees for the venues etc.. Indiecon is a non-profit, all revenue will be reinvested into the event.

  • Do I have to register for anything?

    There are only a limited number of places available for the workshops on Saturday. Please specify which workshop you want to attend when you order the ticket.

  • Are all the events in English?

    Some panel discussions and speeches are likely to be in English and some in German. We will provide professional translation into English language on site.

  • Can I sell my magazine at Indiecon?

    You can of course sell your magazine at Indiemagdays – just register here. Also, if your mag isn’t already part of, you can fill out the form here: and send us a sample copy to: Die Brueder, Stockmeyerstr. 43, 20457 Hamburg. Thanks!


  • Indiemagdayssssss – why is it two days now?

    That’s simple: There have been many attendees joining in from further away or even abroad, so we wanted to make it even more worthwhile for them to travel to Hamburg. Also, one day just goes by so quickly ...

  • How can I participate

    If you want to sell your own magazine, please register here. If you just want to read and stroll it’s even easier: Just drop by.

    If you plan on selling anything but printed goods, please get in touch beforehand:

  • What are the prices?

    A table is 10 € / day for magazine makers. If you need more space or if you’re a professional reseller, please get in touch. It will be a little more expensive, but since you own a business, we hope you’ll manage. The money will be used to create a fine surrounding, to set up a bar and a help desk for all your questions, a charging station and other useful stuff.

  • Where can I put my magazines?

    Any private seller gets a table as a basis for his or her display (L×W×H 80cm × 120cm × 72cm, might be subject to change). You can design the display any way you like, but we’re not allowed to build above the set height due to fire regulations. Please don’t bring banners or other stuff that blocks the view. And please keep in mind: It’s an empty warehouse, wireless access is limited and there might not be electricity at each individual space.

  • When do I have to be there?

    Buildup is between 8 AM and 10 AM on Saturday. The area will likely be closed for cars afterwards, so please make sure you arrive on time. You can leave magazines at the stall over night, but please take your valuables. We’ll clean up together on Sunday evening at 6 PM. Make sure you can cart away everything you brought.

  • Do I have to be there all the time?

    Please make sure there’s someone at your display at all times during opening hours! If you have to grab a bite or need a break, ask your neighbour to look after the display. Or even better: Bring a friend who helps you. That‘s more fun anyway

  • Can I only stay for one day?

    To keep it simple, we will prioritize magmakers that stay both days. If that does not work for you, you can apply anyway and we’ll try to match you with someone who wants the other day.

  • I also want to visit the Conference on Saturday. How can I make this work?

    We’ll have to figure that out together. Some ideas to solve this: Bring a friend who can look at your stall for a couple of hours. Talk to your neighbours if they’re willing to take turns. If you’re coming from afar, we might in some cases be able to ask an Indiecon volunteer to look after your things for a while. Don’t worry: We‘ll make this work.

  • What about that open stage?

    There will be a cozy space at the fair where you have the opportunity to introduce your magazine to other attendees. Please let us know if you’d like to do that: Talks should be 10-15 minutes max.

  • What happens when I get hungry?

    There will be a food market and a kiosk which will offer drinks and snacks at fair prices.

  • Any other questions?

    Just ask:


These companies and organisations help making Indiecon possible.


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Ich willige ein, dass Die Brueder die erhobenen und weitere zu meinem Kundenkonto gespeicherten Daten sowie pseudonymisierte Nutzungsdaten verwendet, um mir personalisierte Werbung und/oder besondere Angebote und Services zu präsentieren.
Sofern Sie keine Produktempfehlungen oder insgesamt keine werblichen Nachrichten mehr von uns erhalten wollen, können Sie dem jederzeit widersprechen, ohne dass hierfür andere als die Übermittlungskosten nach den Basistarifen entstehen. Eine Mitteilung in Textform an die unter Ziffer 12 genannten Kontaktdaten (z.B. E-Mail, Fax, Brief) reicht hierfür aus. Selbstverständlich finden Sie auch in jeder E-Mail einen Abmelde-Link.

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7. Weitergabe personenbezogener Daten

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Sie haben jederzeit das Recht auf unentgeltliche Auskunft über Ihre gespeicherten Daten sowie das Recht auf Berichtigung, Löschung bzw. Sperrung.
Verantwortliche Stelle für die Erhebung, Verarbeitung und Nutzung Ihrer personenbezogenen Daten im Sinne des Bundesdatenschutzgesetzes ist die Die Brueder II GbR.
Sofern Sie der Erhebung, Verarbeitung oder Nutzung Ihrer Daten durch uns nach Maßgabe dieser Datenschutzbestimmungen insgesamt oder für einzelne Maßnahmen widersprechen wollen oder Ihr Recht auf unentgeltliche Auskunft über ihre gespeicherten Daten, sowie ggf. ein Recht auf Berichtigung, Sperrung oder Löschung von Daten ausüben wollen, können Sie Ihren Widerspruch oder Ihre Bitte per E-Mail, Fax oder Brief an folgende Kontaktdaten senden:

Die Brueder II GbR
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Den Schutz Ihrer Daten nehmen wir sehr ernst. Um sicherzustellen, dass personenbezogene Daten nicht an Dritte herausgegeben werden, weisen Sie bei Ihrer Anfrage Ihre Identität eindeutig und geeignet nach.


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